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Originally Posted by britelite View Post
You counted all the colors yourself?

As in, I don't buy this claim. Other sources says it has 15 bit colors + 1bit shadow/highlight, which would give you almost 100k colors, but nowhere near 21 million
I'm not joking. I put my hands on the sega system, and indeed, Line of Fire has a global palette of 21 million of colors !

I've worked out the graphic format of this sega system, and it uses shit tons of colors.

that's also what Richard Aplin has discovered during the conversion.

Basically, Line of Fire graphics have been done on a big PC system called The Sega digitizer III.

the particularity of this system is that the graphics were made on a custom version of Autocad (the famous graphic drawing tool).

shinobi, golden Axe, altered beast, most famous Sega titles on sega system have been drawn on autocad.
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