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Re: insert disk 3: nothing happens

Originally posted by Tyrantraxus
Hi there, i got some of those lovely AD&D games such as Pools of darkness, dark queen of krynn and more but i have a problem. When the game asks me for the 3rd floppy i place it (with Winuae) but it looks like the disk is not seen. I tried df0, df1 and df2 and all possible combinations of the three floppies but still nothing happens....what can I do?
Also does anyone have a working adf file to use as a save disk for Death knights of Krynn?
please help
Never had and tried these games, but i think you should try few things:

Try to disable df1: - df2: - df3: ( check the box in the floppy tab ), also are you sure you are using the right config?

And that the adf is not knackered?

To make a save disk, use create custom floppy from the winuae floppy tab, and then insert it as a save disk. Probably the game ask you to insert a blank disk and will proceed formatting it in the right way, or at least it's what i hope.
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