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This project is incredible, and i'll be printing some PCBs this month for sure...

A quick question:

The Pi has direct access to the chip ram, is that right?

Okay so iirc fastram or no, the graphics rendering on the Amiga is via chipram?

So on the Pi side, would a developer be free to tinker around with that ram to achieve whetever visual effects they're interested in on the Amiga side?

Where i'm going with this, is the ability to start work on something that would essentially render a windowed Pi native app on the workbench screen - such as a chat client or a web browser.

Perhaps even development into something akin to the ECS indy? Which I believe also has direct memory access.

Maybe a bit more hardware would be required for this, but the point is that the access would be there to develop with - or even monitor the actual memory in realtime using the Pi video out?

Am i talking out of my ass here? lol

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