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Originally Posted by madlax View Post
Quick question, does it work with Vampire?
I don't know the answer to that I'm afraid as it hasn't been tested.

Originally Posted by madlax View Post
Would it be possible to also use the USB ports on the Pi for the Amiga? Like keyboard, mouse or external storage.
There is no special support for USB-attached storage today, but using the a314fs file system should work as it stands. However, we were talking about that the functionality of the file system handler (a314fs) could be extended so that a device (e.g. USB0: ) is mounted in AmigaDOS, and then when a USB memory stick is inserted in the RPi it looks to AmigaDOS as if a diskette was inserted in USB0:, and similarly if the USB stick is removed it looks as if the diskette was ejected.

For keyboard and mouse there is no software support today, but it could be written.
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