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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
The main purpose though is giving the C64 "the ultimate expansion" with up to two emulated 1541 disk drives, accelerator (faster than SCPU),
Interesting that the wiki says "Shown in the table are the measured values with screen switched off and all possible optimizations" and still the tests keep the SCPU in the default, slowest possible, setup. Really easy to spot since ZP writes are dead slow, clearly indicating that full mirroring is used. Running a SCPU with the default setup makes about as much sense as using a 060 accelerator without any FAST-RAM in an Amiga.

(The v2 SCPU results are better than the v1 ones since the v2 doesn't mirror ZP and stack by default. Still, just enable the BASIC optimization setting and all RAM accesses will be much faster.)
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