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Bending one ROM address line pin and connecting it to +5v should do it but finding the correct pin isn't that simple because AFAIK CD32 ROM contents are "interleaved", it is not simple merge of two ROMs (extended + KS ROM, in this order). Normally it would have been highest address pin.

[checking what UAE does..]

Ok, low 512k of ROM has low words and high 512k of ROM has high words, highest address pin selects upper or lower word, which should mean second to last address pin should be the one that selects logical upper (KS) or lower (Ext) 512k.

ROM Address 0: byte 0
Address 1: byte 1
Address 2: byte 4
Address 3: byte 5
Address 4: byte 8
Address 524288: byte 2
Address 524299: byte 3
Address 524300: byte 6

I am not 100% sure = no pin numbers included
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