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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
If what you want is just having english (1.07) version that can be finished, patches already exist for that. Just replace original files by these found here :
Thanks I was sure I needed a pack to make the game finish-able does this one fix all the known crashes with the 1.07?

There are also 2 different 040/060 patches on aminet Do I need them as well if I want the game to work on my A1200 Tower with a Blizzard 040 card? or am I better off just installing the game on my ECS 68k Minimig with 2MB chip and 1.5MB slow ram.

Thanks for the help, I have wanted to play Ambermoon for a number of years but so far I have been put off by the need to work round issues rather than having a pack such as the ones normally offered by whdload to work round any issues.
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