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and.w #power of 2-1,d0
A quick way to get the remainder on a power of two div
      move.w x,d0
      and.w   #$f,d0   ; blitter shift value
It's a tad faster than a div.
       move.b  d0,-(sp)
       move.w (sp)+,d0  ; magic fast shift :)
Reduce system call overhead (not really relevant on the Amiga but cool on the ST)
If you call functions and pass params via the stack might be useful.

       move.w #something,-(sp)
       trap      #x

       move.w  #some other param,-(sp)
       trap       #x

       addq.l      #4,sp   ; clean up both params at once
Absolute short addressing to set ST IO registers. Don't try this on anything other than a vanilla 68k
      move.w    #val,$ffff8240.w
Relying on the cpu flags to avoid a compare
      move.l   somevar,d0
      beq.s     itiszero

      blah blah blah

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