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cr/tr/intro tunes

Since i have started to check the current TOSEC release, i have also ripped
all tunes from cracktros, trainers and intros, because there is not a really a good/complete source.
So i have thought to provide the info to the community, which i have collected so far.
Maybe this is a little help to find a specific tune you are looking for.
I have tried to put all needed informations in the filename(TOSEC-like), so its probably easy to find, what you are looking for.
All tunes are in its original format and playable via Deliplayer for PC.
Currently i have checked Letters V-Z, so this list is far from complete.
Later i will add more informations, if i have checked more cr/tr/intros.

(2KAD_tr_Wizkid)tune.pha 20 KB
(ACC_cr_War Machine)caghot1.mod 59 KB
(ACC_cr_Warhead) 8 KB
(Access_tr_Zool AGA)tune.sid2 5 KB
(Ackerlight_cr1_Zynaps)heavy but cool.mod 64 KB
(Ackerlight_cr2_Zynaps)dear rob.mod 66 KB
(ACS_h_Wizkid)tune.p40a 6 KB
(ACU_h_Where in the USA is C. S.)vangelis-remix-02.mod 67 KB
(ACU_h_Wild Life)hip-hop.mod 52 KB
(AGL_cr_Violator)intro1.mod 36 KB
(AGL_cr_World Rugby)tune.hip 37 KB
(AHU_h_Victory)ldrunner.mod 40 KB
(Angels - Genesis_cr_Venom Wing)gonads cracks.mod 9 KB
(Angels Defjam_cr_Wolfpack)the circus.mod 90 KB
(Angels_cr_War in the gulf)purple-shades.mod 13 KB
(ATX_tr_Video Kid)big numbers. 536384.mod 10 KB
(ATX_tr_Video Kid)techno quartz.mod 16 KB
(ATX_tr_Vroom)cardiax1.mod 5 KB
(ATX_tr_X-It)mixie mini version!.mod 8 KB
(ATX_tr_Yo! Joe!)wizardry.mod 22 KB
(ATX_tr_Zeewolf)ocean (2nd edition).mod 23 KB
(ATX_tr_Zool)tune.pp21 9 KB
(ATZ_tr_Venus the Flytrap)tune.mdat 5 KB
(ATZ_tr_Venus the Flytrap)tune.smpl 7 KB
(Axxess_tr_Virus)tune.ac1d 12 KB
(Betrayal_tr_Wacky Darts)tune.dm2 21 KB
(Black Monks_tr_Dogs of War)tune.sid 18 KB
(Black Monks_tr_Xenon 2)airwolf2.mod 51 KB
(BRS_tr_x-out)arno2.mod 43 KB
(BS1 - TKT_cr_Voyage au Centre de la Terre)endtheme.mod 34 KB
(BS1_cr_Xenon 2)synuswavicalistic.mod 39 KB
(CLS_cr_Wipe Out)equal voltage.mod 96 KB
(CLS_World Cup USA 94)scuba diving.mod 12 KB
(Comax_cr_Ween)ingame.mod 29 KB
(Corrupt_cr_Vabank)tune.p61a 26 KB
(CP_cr_Weird Dreams)lessons in love.mod 94 KB
(Cremki_cr_Wiraz)starworx.mod 18 KB
(Crest_cr_Valhalla-Festung von Eve) 49 KB
(CSL_cr_Worlds of Legend)1patternloop1v3.mod 3 KB
(CSL_cr_Yogi Bear and Friends)starworx.mod 18 KB
(CSL_cr_Zyconix)micro.mod 3 KB
(DCS_f_Wizzball)tune.pr2 62 KB
(Decay_h_Where in time is C. S.)tune.dm2 29 KB
(Defjam_cr_Vaxine)tune.fc13 18 KB
(Defjam_cr_Wonderland)switch mega sf msx.mod 34 KB
(DF_cr_XR35)drum03.mod 28 KB
(DJ99_h_Xenon 2)strange loader.mod 47 KB
(DLM_cr_Valhalla-Before the War)tune.pru2 9 KB
(DLT_tr_Wonderdog)tune.pp21 11 KB
(Fix Ltd_f_Wings of Death)tune.p60a 23 KB
(Fix Ltd_f_Winter Olympiad 88)tune.tp3 5 KB
(Flashtro_cr_Violator)badmoon.mod 11 KB
(Flashtro_cr_War Zone)dotty flowers.short.mod 33 KB
(Flashtro_tr1_Xenon 2)chuckles.mod 18 KB
(Flashtro_tr2_Xenon 2)shortie12.mod 11 KB
(FLT_tr_Wizmo)tune.hip 36 KB
(FTH_tr_Works Team Rally)intro64.mod 6 KB
(GOD_tr_Zombie Apocalypse) 3 KB
(HCC_cr_War Wizard)killer bees(t).chip.mod 24 KB
(HF_cr_Valhalla-Fortress of Eve)jump and run.mod 8 KB
(HF_cr_Virocop AGA)analyzer.mod 7 KB
(HF_cr_Wembley Int. Soccer)mental madness.mod 10 KB
(HF_cr_World Golf)benny wildstyle.mod 13 KB
(HF_cr_XP8)woc.mod 26 KB
(HF_tr_XP8)tune.pr2 30 KB
(HF_tr_Zeewolf 2)extreme_int.mod 8 KB
(HLM_cr_Virocop AGA)tune.p60a 9 KB
(HLM_cr_Whales Voyage II)tune.p60a 6 KB
(HLM_tr_Whizz AGA)tune.dm2 34 KB
(HLM_tr_Zool 2 AGA)arrogance.mod 13 KB
(Interpol_h_Wizball)tune.mod 17 KB
(Invisible Crime_h_Zany Golf)vampire.mod 57 KB
(LFC_cr_X-Swap)PENISEX.ahx 3 KB
(LGD_h_Wild Cup Soccer)kankerhouse.mod 85 KB
(LGD_tr_Viz - The Game)happy new year.mod 27 KB
(Loons_cr_Wiz & Liz)wabes.mod 74 KB
(Mad Monks_h_Warlock)gng8.mod 52 KB
(MAD_cr_Wild Life)tune.hip 10 KB
(Ministry_cr_Vengeance of Excalibur)tune.fred 11 KB
(Ministry_cr_Wing Commander)matkamies.mod 10 KB
(Miracle_cr_Xenomorph)tune.dw 28 KB
(MLD_cr_Vektor Storm)c-hippi tune-9.mod 7 KB
(MST_tr_Zombie Apocalypse)nogkorter.mod 5 KB
(Nemesis_cr_Wild West World)intro-tune.mod 9 KB
(Nemesis_cr_World Cricket)tune.fred 11 KB
(No Name Team_h_Zany Golf)mix mode.mod 55 KB
(NRG_cr_The Wanderer v2.2)powerrun-bl of ea.mod 75 KB
(OCL_cr_World Cup 90)tune.hip 42 KB
(PDX_cr_War in the Gulf)tune.pru2 47 KB
(PDX_cr_Wild Cup Soccer)tune.pru2 17 KB
(PDX_cr_Wings of Fury)paradox1.mod 39 KB
(PDX_cr_World Cup Cricket Masters)intro number 33.mod 6 KB
(PDX_cr_Yo! Joe!)tune.pp21 19 KB
(PDX_cr_Zeewolf)tune.pha 12 KB
(PDY_cr_Wheelspin)hei gonna chip!!!!.mod 18 KB
(PDY_tr_Valhalla-Before the War)fast track.mod 8 KB
(Peninsul_cr_Viaje al Centro de la Tierra)tune.fc13 23 KB
(Piranhas_cr_Zynaps)bluemonday.mod 87 KB
(Pirates_cr_Winzer)tune.fc13 2 KB
(Predators_cr_Wings of Fury)classic.mod 21 KB
(QTX_cr_World Class Leader Board)sky.06.mod 50 KB
(Random Access_h_Veteran)mc teardrops.mod 58 KB
(RSi_cr_World Cup Soccer Italia 90)tune.sid 19 KB
(RSi_cr_Wrangler)smoke.mod 89 KB
(SCX_cr_Walker-Preview)glorious.mod 23 KB
(SCX_tr_Wizkid)tune.jam 27 KB
(SKR_cr_Vaxine)tune.sid2 21 KB
(SKR_cr_Venom Wing)tune.hipc 12 KB
(SKR_cr_Warriors of Releyne)beatupdate.mod 21 KB
(SKR_cr_Wayne Gretzky Hockey II) 14 KB
(SKR_cr_Ween)it's ram hot.mod 17 KB
(SKR_cr_Wings of Death) 18 KB
(SKR_cr_Zone Warrior)tune.np3 37 KB
(SKR_tr_Wings of Death)tune.sid 18 KB
(Spaikers_h_World Cup 90)tune.fc13 7 KB
(Subway_cr_Wild Streets)rainbow islands.mod 54 KB
(Supplex_tr_Violator)intro 6.mod 12 KB
(Supplex_tr_Violator)intro 6.mod.nt 5 KB
(SXI_tr_Virocop ECS)tune.p61a 2 KB
(Thyrone_tr_Venus the Flytrap)tune.mon 11 KB
(TimeCircle_h_Xenon 2)TIMECIRCLETHEME.bp 37 KB
(TOAD_h_Wall$treet)tune.fc13 18 KB
(TRD_h_Zombie Apocalypse 2) 28 KB
(TRSi_cr_Welltris)tune.sid 26 KB
(TRSI_cr1_Zardoz)bth.cracktro1.mod 9 KB
(TRSI_cr2_Zardoz)bth.cracktro2.mod 9 KB
(TRSi_h_Wings of Death)tune.sid 19 KB
(TT_cr_Warp)sms-tarkus05.mod 86 KB
(UCS_h_Where in Europe is C. S.)shedrivesmecrazy.mod 71 KB
(Unit A_cr_World Tour Golf)tune.mod 79 KB
(Untouchables_h_Venus the Flytrap)echoing.mod 43 KB
(Venture_cr_Wayne Gretzky Hockey II)hitsquad.mod 58 KB
(VF - CPY_cr_Vroom)monday.mod 16 KB
(ZNT_tr_Wiz & Liz)antipasti#31.mod 7 KB
(ZNT_tr_Zardoz)antipasti#33.2.mod 9 KB
[FCC_cr_Wayne Gretzky Hockey II)trainertune.puma 2 KB
... and of course every request is welcome.
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