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Softkicking 3.1 on GVP 030

I got my package from Softhut yesterday, but the 3.1 rom I bought doesn't work - all I get is a red screen. They're shipping me a new one, but I'm an impatient guy, so the question is how I best softkick 3.1 while I'm waiting for the new chip. I have an A2000 with kickstart 2.04 in rom, and a GVP 030+SCSI board with 16 MB of fastram. It has a 40 MHz CPU, and I think it's supposed to be an 68EC030, but the GvpInfo program reports a bunch of info about the MMU - I guess that means it's present?

I tried skick and didn't have much luck - it just resets and doesn't "stick", I'm still at 2.04.

BlizKick doesn't claim to support the GVP board, but maybe it works anyway?

Should I just try BlizKick or is there something else?
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