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Yeah, Sinbad is not Cinemaware's proudest moment but I still kinda like it, because it was so bizarre and different.

Another quintessential Amiga game is of course Another World.

"Another World on Amiga is not, properly speaking, a port. Since the A500 was the development machine, it is the original version built from 1989 to 1991 by then 21 years old Eric Chahi working alone[8] in his bedroom. [...]Two reasons made the Amiga the perfect development machine. First, the GenLock allowed to super-impose a video camera output onto the computer own outputs which enabled rotoscoping. Second, and most importantly, the Amiga Agnus immensely facilitated polygons rendering."
Quote from a highly technical article, too much for me, but it has an amazing photo of Eric and his toys:

Another World was a revelation for me. The gfx, mute storytelling and non-gamey gameplay were all groundbreaking. It's sad it often gets bad rep these days.
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