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First, thanks for your quick answer.
I have to test your approach - I had this in mind but did not give it a chance because I thought I would trigger another Interrupt when I initialize the empty sample.
BUT OK, if it is like you say - then I misinterpreted the Amiga-HRM.
This level 4 interrupt signals "audio block done."
When the audio DMA is operating in automatic mode , this interrupt occurs when the last word in an audio data stream has been accessed. In manual mode , it occurs when the audio data register is ready to accept another word of data.
For me it reads as I would have the chance to initialize the next sample while the last audio word is 'streamed'.
Furthermore it does not make much sense to trigger after the start since this is the exact time I know anyway since I just kicked off the sample.

So I am not sure where my mistake is.
Anyway, thanks to your input I can experiment a little without being too frustrated.

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