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Originally Posted by britelite View Post
Who exactly are "they"? As in, I tried to see if you've discussed this on Pouet, and couldn't find any instances.

Why not? If you're absolutely sure you're right on this one, then the link should definitely be changed.
Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
If you just mentioned "corrupted archive" then it's easily eplained, the archive itself can be depacked without errors hence no "corruption" is visible when doing a quick queck. Please be as specific as possible when requesting such changes. I have replaced the download link now.
Apologies, I used the quick form for replacing links, rather than going to "Fix Me Beautiful". I thought I mentioned it was corrupted there, but then I suppose I left too little information.

StingRay, yes, I should've explained more clearly on the form. My fault. I guess I had a feeling I would get into more trouble if I pressed the issue.

I won't bother with the form anymore, but I will go straight to "Fix Me Beautiful" for future requests, at least there's room for a conversation and room for me to explain things in more detail. It's helped before with another archive that needed to be replaced, as I recall.

Thanks for replacing it, anyway!
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