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Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
If you use HDToolbox to set it up, then the Amiga expects it to be a fixed disk, not removable. That's fine if you want to boot from it as a hard drive, but not if you want to use the disk as a transfer medium between an actual Amiga and a PC. It also calls into question the compatibility of the disk on other systems.

That's great for you, but as the OP asked about using it to transfer between an actual Amiga and a PC (probably the main use case), and is not looking to use their Zip drive as a hard drive or boot from it. Suggesting these methods only confuses matters.

Okay, at this point it would be good to know what version of the OS you're using, and in particular, how your Zip drive is attached and what device driver you're using. If you're using a more modern scsi.device, or any other ATAPI-aware driver, it should simply be a matter of setting the device and unit numbers correctly in an appropriate mountlist, though older versions of scsi.device aren't ATAPI aware and won't work properly. Bear in mind that these are often set in the icon's tooltypes, and that takes precedence over any settings in the file itself. Here's my Zip DOSDriver:

FileSystem      = L:Fat95
Flags           = 0
Surfaces        = 2
BlocksPerTrack  = 64
SectorSize      = 512
Mask            = 0x7ffffffe
MaxTransfer     = 0x0ffffffe
Reserved        = 1
Interleave      = 0
LowCyl          = 0
HighCyl         = 1535
Buffers         = 50
BufMemType      = 0
StackSize       = 2000
Priority        = 10
GlobVec         = -1
DosType         = 0x46415401
And in the icon tooltypes:
I've used the same mountlist with both SCSI and IDE/ATAPI Zip drives (adjusting the device and unit accordingly) for almost 20 years now, and never had any issues reading or writing PC-formatted Zip disks.

I figured I try this at WinUAE and if it works migrate it to my real Amiga. Nope. Nothing happened. I have added the zip drive in my WinUAE as a hard drive. I am unsure if this is the reason why it is failing or not.
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