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Originally Posted by BULI View Post
He, he Howard the Duck is ok in my opinion
And seriously so, on Sonnet 400mhz on some DVDs I had near smoothly playing, but sound was in 8bit DMA, nad 11025 frequency.
And on some others DVDs was bigger problem with synchronize Sound and Video.

What AHI settings are you using with Ragnarok and what player? I take it that you set a deficon to that, what are the settings?

Originally Posted by dayowalker View Post
Maybe I asked this in the wrong thread. Trial and error would also be possible and at least without big financial harm in this case.
In the corresponding manual it’s afair stated, that the 256MB version has Samsung RAM chips. Does an expert have an idea, what about replacing Micron RAM by the right Samsung RAM chips?

Someone is about to attempt this either this weekend or next week.
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