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Originally Posted by xboxown View Post
My 750MB Zip Disk DOS fat32 formatted does still show unformatted and jibberish and need to be formatted. If this fails this way, how do I make it appear in WinUAE and format it in WinUAE so I can take it back to my real Amiga? I tried mounting it as a hard drive but it constantly means installing it to that system and losing data so that failed. I tried making it appear as normal disk..but that failed also. Any help?
Hmmm, your mountlist appears to be a CrossDOS mountlist for reading PC floppies on an Amiga floppy drive, which will never work for anything other than a floppy since the geometry is all wrong (as well as the device). What version of Workbench are you using? If you're using or have access to 3.9, just use the included ones. If you're using 3.1.4, it has a separate way of easily reading Zip disks using the Superfloppy feature. I've never used a 750MB drive on the Amiga, but my 100MB drives all work fine with the 3.9 mountlists.

Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
If you want the ZIP to be seen normally as a normal Amiga volume, after mounting it on WinUAE I need to initialize it, partition it and format it from HDToolBox, see my video:
I would suggest against this. If you set it up correctly, you should be able to read PC formatted Zip disks without formatting them on the Amiga side. If you need to format it on the Amiga, it's no longer a standard format and compatibility with other platforms could be compromised. Additionally, involving HDToolbox shouldn't be done if the intention is to share the drive with other machines (as is the OP's intention), since installing a RDB makes the disk Amiga-specific and non-removable.
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