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Originally Posted by Steril707 View Post
The Amiga is vastly more powerful than the ST on action games ->if utilized correctly.

Hardware scrolling, switching palette colours without any cost with the copper per scaline, blitter objects plus hardware sprites.

3D games are usually better on the ST, though, since the CPU has more grunt.
Correct on all counts. The A500's 2D "sprite&bob" capability is (slightly) over twice that of the Atari ST's CPU-only approach. Add in the "free" smooth scrolling and you end up with games running at quite literally twice the frame rate, while often adding extra effects on top. That is... Assuming the hardware is used correctly, which it often wasn't.

As for Golden Axe on the Amiga: I always rather liked it, though I think the colour palette is rather poorly chosen and it's one of the many many games that would've done better if the programmers had allowed a two button stick to be used....

Maybe it's just me, but it just seems likely that the graphics would look a lot better if the colours resembled the Arcade version more. The characters are so "yellow". Makes me wonder if some artistic soul could create such a palette. Perhaps some sort of hack is possible
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