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Originally Posted by VladR View Post
It's been more than a decade since I last worked with my 6-DOF underwater action/simulator, but I don't think I was working with full physics/forces - it wasn't really needed - each class of vehicles had different coefficients for acceleration/strafing speed so it completely replaced the need to run any complex physics.

In the end, all you need to have is different aircrafts with different behavior, or not ?

Does it really matter whether you tweak your own constants or the physics engine properties ? You still need to tweak something anyway.

One of the game programming physics books I read back then had a section on flight simulators. If you spend an hour searching you should be able to find it, perhaps even in PDF format. I don't recall the full name unfortunately...
I certainly don't want any complex physics. But I do think concepts like gravity are important and most of the behaviour I want to implement, such as acceleration that's linked to the current mass of the aircraft, maximum velocities and altitudes, etc. should be a result of a physics engine and the four forces I talked about in the first and second posts.
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