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1. What kind of debugging set-up do you have ? Can you do Edit&Continue while debugging through the code or do you just print out values on screen ?

2. This kind of experimenting is tedious&slow on the target HW, even at emulator (let alone deploying builds). From my own experience, long-term, it pays off having a PC-based Dev Environment where you can do Edit&Continue, use floats and experiment right in your IDE (implement a simple framebuffer-based rendering via DirectX/OpenGL/SDL/whatever). And only when stuff works like it should, you start concerning yourself about getting it to work on A500.

3. Before you go play with Newton laws, Forces, Momentum, Kinetic Energy and Rotational Dynamics, how about you translate your plane's world position along the current Direction vector and speed up/down accordingly ?

4. Then generalize the code and apply it to one enemy first (later to an array of enemies).

5. Now create a Waypoint system - struct SWaypoint { Vector3f StartPos, EndPos; } so you can spawn enemy at run-time upon getting to a target area.

6. Now get some basic AI going - implement couple states where enemy randomly rolls in the air, adjusts the speed for few seconds, and eventually when you're in his view frustum, starts shooting at you.
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