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Originally Posted by malko View Post
I am mixed with this statement.
It's true that at the beginning of the "opening" there was a lot of discussions/activity around r3 (REBOL v3). But since 2012, I don't see any major evolution of the language. Thus I preferred the time when it was closed source as Carl was making it evolving on a regular basis (between small breaks ).
it was too late.
Like so many other software and programs the step to open source was made, after the closed source approach did not pay off and the project was almost dead...

Python is about the same age as REBOL but Guido van Rossum took advantage of the Linux and open source hype in the 90s and now Python is HUGE.

As far as I am aware, r3 is still "core" only and is missing the "view" side. That's true that the "core" is enough for a lot of things, but for me it's the main reason I still prefer to use the latest v2 (I am far from being an expert - just a Sunday coder and thus v2 is enough ) .

In this regard of "seems to be frozen" r3, I think that the "red programming language" is maybe a better step forward, not to mention that Carl himself is, since last year, an honorary member of the Red Foundation.

Let's see...
But enough for OT. It's a python thread
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