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Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
@ meynaf -

Did you program anything in Python? What is your Python experience??

If no and none, then you are just trolling.

May I suggest nice introduction to computer science and programming using Python class @ (done by MIT)

Anyone interested in good class that covers many good practice aspects of programming class - this is well up to date class (there is follow up class with more advanced techniques).

Free to try / with option to get certificate if interested...
My experience with Python is none of your business, but anyway, do I need heavy experience in it to know an interpreted language is slow ?
Do someone need to have done anything but read the docs to know this language isn't better than any other ?
Knowing many other languages - with asm in the middle - should suffice anyway. One can't compare without a good reference. What could be your experience in this domain ? I don't need to know, but ask yourself.

Originally Posted by Gorf View Post
@ meynaf
are you sure you did read that I wrote Cython and not Python in my statement?
If Cython is slow, than every C code is slow ... and that would rule out any language besides assembler.
Yes i read "Cython". And ? Either it's not Python anymore - it's directly C - or it gets converted in a way or another to C and this conversion isn't free.
IOW, automatic conversion of something to C doesn't make it as fast as C (in the same way compiling something to asm doesn't make it as fast as asm).

Oh, of course i might also say that any language beside assembler is slow but that's not the point
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