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Originally Posted by Aladin View Post
I know, you hate whdload
It's just for saying that the game and the editor work, it's an indice for solving problem perhaps
That's not true at all; I don't hate WHDLoad.

I prefer to use native installs with emulation as I don't have uber hardware configured and games run without crazy amounts of RAM. I try as much as possible to keep things stock.

Example for WHDLoad; how much memory does your "generic" onEscapee require? From memory you need at least 32MB Fast and you probably still get screen flashing...

Native; 2MB Chip & 4MB Fast RAM is more than sufficient.

Originally Posted by Aladin View Post
Sorry, after test, the game need no library. I boot directly with winuae for testing, the editor work only if you use a startup-sequence. If I not use startup-sequence, editor don't work
That's not true either.

ross has already found the reason why it doesn't work; you need at least 8 colours set. It's that simple.

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