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I got some PCBs made up of my design and assembled them, and everything seems to be going great.

On the PS2 side, I'm using a MIC2940A 3.3 to power the pad. All the pad<-MCU connections are direct through a 470R resistor. All the pad->MCU connections are through a 470R with a 18k pull-up to 3.3V connecting at the connector side.

On the CD32 side, UDLR and Fire2 are always 'output' MCU->Amiga (either high-Z or open-drain), so they're connected through 470R. A 18k pull-up connects them to 5V on the side closest to the MCU. Joymode/Frame is always input MCU<-Amiga, so it's connected through 470R with an 18k pull-up on the outside edge closest to the connector. Fire1out/Clockin is bidirectional and is connected the same way.
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