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Originally Posted by Puggsy View Post
I am excited about this game and I preordered, what, like two years ago or more? But I would really like to see it released soon. Any ideas when?

I have this scary feeling that right now the game is severely suffering from severe feature creep. Smash TV mode, "lite RPG" mode, several engine rewrites... come on, don't lose sight of the prize which is actually releasing it. This is the kinda thing that makes game become forever unreleased
Honestly, we hear you and you have every right to be furstrated
We did failed to release the game on time and truth is that development has been a bit of a rollercoaster from our side. We could have gone and released it long time ago, but reality is it wouldn't have been on par with the quality we'd hope to deliver. Plus opinions are conflicting on this matter. Some say we should take our time and do our best. Others think that it's long overdue already. The thing is we can understand both sides.

Despite the above, hopefully development is still on-going. But with no release date yet in the horizon it's a tricky process which -arguably- tests the patience of those who backed the project.

So at this point I can say the following: We'll continue to do our best to meet expectations and eventually deliver the game. The fact that we can still present updates (and believe me, we have MUCH more to reveal in the future) is a testament that we're not planning to abandon it. In the very, very worst case scenario and if the project is canceled we'll make absolutely sure to fully refund all our backers. Really we did consider to just do that a long time ago (I mean refunding) but we don't want to let down the people that believed in us and this project. Plus the game is far from being abandoned and still on development. Therefore such a move wouldn't make much sense.

Originally Posted by Puggsy View Post
By now my preorder which was made as support for development, as many others, are probably gone and not helpful.
Well, that's not fully correct. The support we got did made sure to keep this project alive (and does so even to this day). On top of that it helped us build up experience, expand our foundation, keep the dream alive and continue developing for Amiga and supporting the community.

As for the actual funding itself, the reality is it eventually became a non factor for the game. You see, the preorder campaign never met the initial minimum goal (not even by a long shot) which left us practically with a half funded project. So what to do next? Warp it up as quickly as possible and ship a sub par result? Cancel it and let everyone down? Or don't give up and try to make the best of what you have but prolong it? As you see, it's a really tough choice.

Originally Posted by torturedutopian View Post
BTW, will the pre-order be back online anytime soon ?
Nope. Going the "pre-order" way was a mistake we've (hopefully) learned from and won't be repeated in the future. Backers will eventually get the game or -in the worst case scenario- a full refund. As for the rest it will become available to purchace once released.
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