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Ok, followed your instructions:

Originally Posted by Steve
1. load the HDF file
2. Load Select Load Career option
3. Select Scunny file (make sure the swos save disk ADF is in DF0
4. Once loaded press on play match and then press on result to skip the match
5. When the last game is done, finish the season.
6. The game then works through all the data files - after a few leagues the screen goes blank

So basically I need to find out what is causing the game to hang at this point

Hope you can help - it's been bugging me for years!
I see what you mean...

I used my ClassicWB .HDF and added your .HDF in. Had SnoopDos loaded in the background with these settings below selected and saved the log to the root of the my ClassicWB .HDF:

The screen goes blank after the process you describe but the music still plays... you can't quit the game so reset the Amiga.

Looked at the SnoopDos log file afterwards and no fails.

...that's about as far as I can go.

You'll definitely need someone with debugging skills to monitor / work out what's going on at this point.
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