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I have to say that I have an RTG based 68060 machine running at 100Mhz and a MiSTer FPGA based machine for gaming and even for me the Vampire V4 standalone or potentially the 1200 running the V4 core is looking very attractive (because a 1200 case makes a nice integrated case / keyboard combo).

The FPGA based solution is great because it can do multiple systems but I'm starting to see issues and I can certainly see it stagnating due to lack of developers. Not yet though, it's all ok still at the moment.

The RTG/68060 system is all well and good but the display and graphics modes still lets it down. Unless you are lucky enough to own a later RTG system such as one of the 3D based boards graphics modes are still limiting (800x600 32bit, 1024x768 drops to 16bit and 1280x1024 drops even further to 256 colour - and the screen speed is then too slow anyway)

Compare all of that to the Vampire's and they're looking pretty attractive. I can easily see me ending up with a Vampire V4 of some description or another and the MiSTer. I can see the day where I just don't need my real hardware any more. Whether I sell it or hoard it will be another matter however because we have no idea how reliable Vampires will be in the long term whereas we know that classic hardware is still going strong after 30 years and as long as it's looked after, there's no reason to suggest it's going to die any time soon.
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