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Originally Posted by studio460 View Post
Am I reading that correctly? Is that 196 Gflops??? That's Core i7 territory!

Well, the way I read that Sysinfo screen is 108,89 Mflops and 196368 Drystones.

I would think there are other "hidden" featues you are not able to read directly from Sysinfo, like the fact that there currently are not any C/++ compilers that are taking advantage of the new features of the 080 core, and as such performance "only" relies on the raw processingpower of the 080.
There are several developers that use Windows as their bread and butter that frequent Apollo forum, and they flat out says they are not inclined to learn assembly just to take advantage of the Core features.

So, unless higher language compilers get 080 support, you wont see software (newly developed or recompiled) take FULL advantage of the Vampire/apollo core.

For most of us, the HDMI/RTG features, which gives us easy access to using any monitor we desire for more Workbench realestate (higher resolutions), with no lag, a reason enough to get the V4 Standalone (or V4 A1200). Coupled with the raw processing power, and it makes for a very userfriendly expirience.

I would expect higher languages to get some support down the road, but as ferrels has pointed out, it requires some very detailed hardware and assembly language knowledge, which the Core development team obvious have. And they are working hard on CORE development, so diverting attention to a compiler is asking too much at current.

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