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Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
If Vampire had been more advanced as a technology I would have been the first to buy it, in 2019 you can not go online with 128 MB of RAM and a CPU 68080.
Going online today means following TV in Streaming, it means watching a Flm in Straming and working simultaneously on Office or the Web.
Well, indeed bad, the Vampire does not allow all this, WinUAE instead somehow allows me to do this, allows me to have a modern RTG system powerful and functional, allows me to start from the Workbench Firefox or Chrome and all other Windows applications with a Click with Winlauch tool from the Workbench.

I think your view of the Vampire is a little short-term. Given time, the Standalone Vampire project has the ability to progress and become faster and more powerful so that one could perform all the tasks that you describe.

Of course WinUAE will be faster because of JIT and all the other speed settings it has. There's nothing particularly special or challenging about that. And I've never understood why you would want to do all the things you say you do in an emulator (which is running in Windows anyway) when you can do that stuff in Windows already. The only thing I can think of is that it's fun and interesting for you. That's great! But so is using a Vampire for those of us that have one. So from the perspective of having fun, you should be able to understand the appeal of using a Vampire or anything else we do in the Amiga hobby.
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