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Sega Megadrive Scene Collection

Back in the dayz I sold my Sega Megadrive, the copy unit and the disks to a local guy. I live already for 10 years in another part of the Netherlands and don’t remember the guys name or address. Via linked-in I got a message from the same guy after he read a message I was looking for the scene releases from the Sega Megadrive. He told me he had still most of the disks, so I went over and get them BACK (he wanted them back after i copied them) The last few weeks I copied everything over to a PC and looked at all the releases which have a message or intro. I packed them all together and it results in 248 files, from PONG, PARADOX, CENCOR, MAGICAL, SCOOPEX, ELITE AND SOME MORE. About 150 disks where overwritten with some pc stuff, but still I got a lot of scene releases. Don't know it these files exist somewhere else but this is what i've got. Still looking for more and missing releases.....

For all of you who wanna have it download:

Have fun............
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