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Originally Posted by Megatron View Post
Sorry, I am not here every day. I can see Phil already answered some.

Just a quick response to your questions;

- I do not see (for now that is) any keycaps being shipped to resellers/partners
- The issues are not issues. These are variances which have been addressed in Run #2
- Yes, 9/11 and JFK were an inside job
- Issues with keys? Please, let us know via email and we take care of it.
- Non-Commodore/Amiga font we considered but it looks odd and alienates most of us.
- The Carbon Case as well as the checkered flag are Hydro dipped cases.
- Hydrodip is permanent. Good look scratching that off (you need a blowtorch!)
- The CD32 case and keycaps are solid colors (no dip)

Hope this helps :-)

I recommend a movie called JFK to 9/11 - Everything is a rich mans trick. Its 3h:27m long. Incredible research.
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