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The YouTube content ID system compares against a known list of music (and maybe video). It's not perfect so maybe it incorrectly flagged the video. It's also possible that the Hardwired demo features copyrighted music (for instance a sample that is clearly from some song).

Disputing it should not be a problem, as long as you're honest in the text accompanying the dispute and crucially don't re-upload videos or some such while the dispute runs. Do note however that such disputes will be handled by the alleged copyright holder and they will have to agree to drop the flag. If they don't, your dispute will be unsuccessful.

Should your dispute be unsuccessful, the easy thing is to remove the video. Problems only start if you persist after that stage.

Fighting an unsuccessful dispute you consider to be unfair/unjust is an actual legal procedure and I'd highly recommend against that unless you first speak with a lawyer about it to get proper advice.
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