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It's official – the Amiga Power album Kickstarter campaign will be launching on Friday, March 29th! And at last I can reveal just some of the numerous remixes that will be making an appearance on it. They include (deep breath)...

Apidya; Banshee; Blob; Cannon Fodder; The Chaos Engine; Fantasy World Dizzy; Fire & Ice; Gloom; Harlequin; Hired Guns; Jetstrike; Lotus Turbo Challenge 2; No Second Prize; Pinball Fantasies; Sensible World Of Soccer; Shadow Fighter; Speedball 2; Stardust; and oodles more, including a new rendition of the perennially splendid Valhalla tribute It's A Skull. In total, you'll be getting a whopping 35 tracks spread across the album's two CDs.

Also! There is now a dedicated AP album Facebook group. Do drop in if you happen to be passing; there will be tea and sticky buns.

Stay tuned for further announcements!

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