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Greetings, readers!

As promised, some further details about Amiga Power: The Album With Attitude will shortly be revealed. But first, a bit of an introduction.

My name, as you may have gathered, is Matthew Smith. I didn’t program Manic Miner (sorry), but I am a long-standing fan of AP. I started buying the magazine early in its life, way back in 1991, and I loved it immediately thanks to its mixture of incisive reviews, imaginative features and quirkily irreverent humour. I only grew to love it more as the years went on, and ultimately it was AP that inspired me to pursue the career in journalism and publishing that I’ve been enjoying for the past couple of decades.

A little while ago I was invited by a friend to work on an Amiga music project in the role of co-producer. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and found myself wanting to produce a similarly-themed project of my own, and it occurred to me that an Amiga Power tribute album would be just the ticket.

So, you may muse, how exactly is this going to work? Well, as mentioned previously, the album is going to consist of two CDs jam-packed with Amiga game music remixes, all with some special connection to AP. What sort of connection? Read on.

CD1: AP’s Pick Of The Pops

The first disc is going to contain remixes based on tunes personally nominated by former Amiga Power contributors.

CD2: The AP Bonus Coverdisk

The second disc, meanwhile, is going to feature tracks inspired by assorted games and demos that appeared on Amiga Power’s cover-mounted disks over the years.

Plus! The CDs are going to be accompanied by a special liner notes booklet featuring at least 80 pages of info about all the tracks and how they were selected for inclusion, along with song lyrics, behind-the-scenes trivia and written interjections from the AP crew.

I've been working on this project for a little over a year now, and pretty much everything is organised at this point. I've secured a licence from Future to use the Amiga Power name and logo, the CD manufacturing side of things is being handled by 010101 Music (the independent record label behind such ace albums as Paula Agnus Denise and Instant Remedy’s Insert Disk 2) and all the musicians mentioned previously are raring to go on the remixes. All we need now is the funding to produce everything, and to this end I’ll be launching a Kickstarter campaign early next month.

Stay tuned for additional updates, including more info on the contents of both CDs and the many and varied bonus perks that will be available to Kickstarter supporters!

Cheerio for now, all.
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