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Originally Posted by RiotRetroGaming View Post
Nice find and we certainly are haha
I'm wondering if the Amiga has a 3v line I could tap into that would supply enough mA, any ideas?
If not, I'll get one of those babies.
I'm wondering if the 5v killed my last module then.

The 5v probably did but you could always re-try it when you get a one of the 3.3v adapters. In your case it may be possible to use the 5v connection you wired on the RAM board and separate the wire from the 3.3v wire in your harness then connect the 5v to Vin and the 3.3v to the out pin on the adapter and connect the GND pin to any nearby point and that would probably give you the power you need upto 800MA.

If it works then you could insulate the power adapter and maybe stick it to the RAM board so the wires don't come loose etc.
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