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Originally Posted by Chain View Post
finally have time to build from kit, but i have v1.1 board, where to put C9???
Piggybackin on R1 or what?
bummer :/
have two 2.2k but just one needed
100nf not needed at all?
and wat is 102 for?
Yep, you can piggyback C9 to R1.
There is one extra 2.2k resistor.
C4 should be 102 (1000pF) or 101 (100pF), preferably 100pF
I guess you are following the instructions for rev. 2 of the board? You should follow the pdf I linked to in the note shipped with the kit instead for rev 1.1.

Since when I sent you the kit I have changed the 47µF electrolytic to a 220µF, if you have a cap with a higher value than 47µF I suggest you use that instead, power to the controller will be more stable then.

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