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Originally Posted by plasmab View Post
The Acorn machines were never cheap. They were really really expensive.

The fact that anyone is even comparing chip designed by two British guys with no funding against the 030s and x86s of this world is amazing.

For me this is when the ISA was picked up and built in a professional way

It was a little late to win the PC battle of the 90s for sure... but its one amazing chip that keeps giving the more you study how to use it.

It confuses me that the optimization fanatics arent more in love with it because its got more secrets to unlock than the 68000. Which I also love.
I think it may have to do with the somewhat different style of assembly language. I've looked into ARM2 myself at one point (I wanted to see the precursor to what's powering my iPhone ) and found the code to be harder to read than that of other processors for some reason.

Also, the 1990's was the era in which people slowly transitioned away from doing everything in assembly to begin with, so the timing might also play a role here.
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