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Originally Posted by majsta View Post
First, let's be honest, how many people on Amiga scene ever heard about terms like FPGA
Jens (famously, almost) announced that FPGA was the future for retro computing way, way back. Around year 2000, if I should guess.

@kolla so much negativity, about something, ever, in my life, I have never seen. So much frustration, anger. I would strongly advise you to never read anything Apollo-core related it will definitely ruin your health.
I am sure you have seen worse, much worse, considering your location and age. No worries, my health, both mentally and otherwise, is just fine. But thank you for worrying so much. Yes, there was a period of frustration, but I am well over that. Surprisingly, I have received quite few support messages from people who have had their "encounters" with "the team" up through the years, and who are happy that at least someone can

Remember that for several years we didn't have many options. Only right thing for every single one of those developers is to respect their will, time and effort put into Amiga related projects.
Exactly. And likewise among developers, and from developers to users etc, we are all people.
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