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Originally Posted by OlafSch View Post

* interest for apollo core outside Amiga is minimal/non-existing

What had you (or anyone else) expected?
Indeed, what could any sane person expect? Well, there were high hopes for some time among certain individuals.

* interest and enthusiasm for apollo core inside Amiga communities is dwindling

How do you measure that?
Activity on the topic, owners (not me, nor chucky) who on various forums say they have replaced Vampire cards with Furia for A600 and other cards for A500, comments from owners (again, not me nor chucky) who are less than happy about the product.

* coders and developers are not flocking to support apollo core

Which coders?
Indeed. Those who Gunnar thought would magically pop up from thin air?

* still no support in any toolchains and compilers
* so all software support comes from the same two-three guys

You are right there... one of the weaknesses of gunnar
He could have chosen a different path, one that may have been less interesting for him personally, but much more productive for the Amiga community and 68k development in large.

* other hardware manufacturers are not interested

Which other hardware manufacturers should? It is a niche product for retro market. Besides, we do not know if there are talks in background or not.
Those other manufacturers making FPGA cards who can get "060 level" softcore for free, which user then can update, remember? Like you, I could not quite grasp who he was talking about, besides perhaps Jens.

* prices for hardware is not as low as he wanted (and he was warned)

yes... but compared to the high prices of the old hardware it is still good money (if you need real hardware)
If you need "real hardware", then an Apollo Core FPGA solution is perhaps not so interesting in the first place anyways. Prices for "real hardware" is still up in the sky.

* becoming the new "baseline" for 68k Amiga hardware is not happening

Baseline does not necessarily mean adapted software, it might be that people develop more demanding software that needs more resources than current hardware base (68030 + some ram). It is a individual decision.
Well, whatever definition of "baseline", it doesn't seem to be happening.

* delays and more delays, and he used to ridicule others for delays

I do not know where he ridiculed others because of delays. Mostly he was attacked
He ridiculed anything powerpc amiga related for delays. He ridiculed Jens for delays. He ridiculed TerribleFire and others for doing just silly 030 cards.

* core was criticised for being too tied to a specific FPGA, now struggles with porting it

Where do you know both? Involved in development and you know the FPGA code?
People who were in involved in the project early on has mentioned this, Matthey for example. That porting to CycloneV is/has been tricky has been openly admitted on the apollo-core forum on several occasions.

BTW - you _still_ don't have any hands on experience with the Apollo Core, do you?
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