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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
When it comes to reading 3½" disks, HD drives are about as good as DD drives...

82 tracks should cover pretty much everything but if you have a drive that can handle 84 tracks, then you might as well use that.
Thanks! So shouldn't really matter for almost all things

Originally Posted by Ian View Post
If you have an Amiga can't you still use the software version from their website:
Thanks very much I really shouldn't have missed that.

Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
today, SPS only accept Kryoflux heavy dumps. However, if you send them to me, i will check process, and upload them.

I have my own folder on their server, with a folder for each of my contributors.
Really appreciate it... Kryoflux should come in a few weeks or less hopefully so will just do it then... Amiga should also be re setup in proper place by then too so will use this option as backup.
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