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Originally Posted by gunstarrhero View Post
yes it does, you can get fpgas for the pi
you can also get a FPGA board for you PC - or just one to plug in your USB port...
But there kind of boards won't help you here ...

i never said remove the emulation from the emulation, i said removed the emulated code for the 68k out of the emulator
There is no "emulated code for the 68k" - something like that does not exist.

and use a "physical" point to the actual amiga main board.
??? that makes no sense.
What are you suggesting? take some superglue and mount your RasPi onto the Amiga Board?
It seems you have no real clue, what you are talking about

as in "where the emulated portion that says "im a 68k" you point out to the physical processor on the main board instead.
somehow ... automatically ...
And why not just using the 68k CPU un the Amiga board as it is ... so far your magic RasPi does nothing...

oh look at all these options uae brings me and now i can tell my amiga to use a higher resolution, i can run higher bit rate colour native with out the physical hardware on board,
now we are finally getting somewhere!
now at least I somewhat understand, what your idea is all about ....

BUT: your solution would* be much slower than just using Amiberry on the Pi!

*) would, because you can't connect a Pi to your Amiga-board anyways...

oh look POWER PPCS ARE TOO EXPENSIVE, i can emulate one on a fpga or direct from aue on the pie, and now i can install os 4.1 on my "classic" ...
just one word: no
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