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Did anyone finish BattleTech on Amiga?
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I remember spending ages on this game, explored the whole map, got to the ending at base or something the top of the map. Im sure it wanted a combination(number) for a locked door. I could not find it anywhere! I explored the entire map again, no luck.
Copy Protection perhaps? Real nasty place to put it if so! (I bet programmer is laughing if he did! Kudos mate!)

How many Hard Drives did you attach to an A590/A2090?
I had the original ST506(IIRC)20Mb and a 105Mb Quantum SCSI at the same time from the board not the 25way connector on the back.
I had traded the Amiga for an S-VHS Vcr by the time I came upon a big stack of SCSI drives

Could have been possible to attach 2 ST506 and 7 SCSI IIRC
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