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Wow, Tritus.... so many fond memories of this! Definitely one of the best, underated Amiga PD multiplayer gems of all times (imho)! I remember back in the days, every friend that got to play this with the company was instantly hooked up! We used to play hours and hours of Tritus matches, 3 to 8 players at times where we'd cycle turns (losing players replaced by new ones). Game was so freakin fun that even watching your friends battle over it was a real spectacle! Epic matches on the edge, unexpected overturns, triumphant victories.... pure gold!

@Akira: The game is oriented and optimised for a rather multiplayer experience and the single player mode is completely lackluster (especially if you have no idea what's going on). The game is a tetris clone in it's core but beyond that it hides under it's hood a ton of stuff and has it's own quirky ways. I'd recommend to go through the instructions (they pop up at the main menu screen) to get a hold of the many things you can do (or the other players can do to you).

The level design is completely random as far as I remember, there are numerous templates the game generates or uses. On top of that, with every new level, various parameters may change, f.e. blocks drop speed, reversed left-right movement, no "kill" bars e.t.c. All this randomness is quite nice in a competitive environment and you can always quit and start a new level if you don't like the current one. I have to admit though that it would be vastly better if there were options regarding all those things so you could tweak them yourself.

But heh, that's as far as I could complain about this game I guess
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