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Originally Posted by trixster View Post
Maybe it's time to extend an olive branch and see if he'd like to return? In all the dealings I've had with him he's been nothing but friendly and helpful. Let bygones be bygones?
good idea, 1st step should be to unlock his account

Originally Posted by utri007 View Post
Romdisk in boot menu and CD32 emulator inside of kickstart. If CD is not presented it boots to very Basic Workbench 3.1.
thats cool, I was thinking about that, but the author already did it the right way
this way you have a emergency disk, with tools you can choose on ur own.

btw. one reason for the "slow" speed is the result of packing/unpacking the content of the disk.

#1) it is ultra fast, maybe faster than booting the C64.
initially i was using the debug version, now i 'm using the release build of the romdisk.device.
now u push reset , one second later you have the workbench

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