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Originally Posted by emufan View Post
this again raises the question: Cosmos was banned from EAb, because ...
FYI Cosmos was also banned on Amibay for basically the same reason (having a bad temper).

Fortunately, the very generous moderating staff here on EAB understands the profound difference between banning a member and banning all discussion of a banned member. Unfortunately, on Amibay the moderating staff was not so generous.

Originally Posted by Matt_H View Post
Serious question: What can one put in a 4MB Kickstart? Does 4MB of ROMable stuff even exist? I've got Poseidon and ROM updates in my Deneb Flash, and it's nowhere near full...
Well, practically there is about 2MB of ROMable stuff now, maybe more in the future. You don't actually have to use the full 4MB if you don't need it (e.g. a pair of 27C800 EPROMS = 2MB).

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