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indeed, some more lines about lzx were usefull, if you never did that before. so the link is a good addition

about the toaster assign: depends on where you extracted the folder. assuming you have it in sys:toaster or dh1:toaster

open a shell cli and enter:
assign toaster: sys:toaster
assign 3D: sys:toaster
assign toaster: dh1:toaster
assign 3D: dh1:toaster

some essential tool is snoopdos - copy snoopdos and into your sys:system folder
and start it when ever you feel the need for it.
it will help to track down those errors you have right now.

if one of the assigns does work, you can add it to your s:user-startup
in the shell type: ed s:user-startup

#1) just tested here, you need both assigns Toaster: and 3D:
these settings are stored in Toaster/Lightwave-Support/lw-config

#2) if not allready installed you should use some kind of directory tool, like Diskmaster or DOpus.
using them you can more easily copy, move rename files, even extracting some kind of archives is already pre configured.
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