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Originally Posted by Acill View Post
Got it installed on A4000T mostly now. I commented out the boot song and animation or it crashes at the IF checks. Got my network stack working, but the system hangs whenever I ask for the upgrades.
So you installed it all in the real miggy (so no updated yet). Did you install your CPU libraries? Can you use IBrowse? Is internet working?

Type from Cli
RUN >NIL: "SYS:Prefs/Presets/AmiKit/LiveUpdate/AmiKit-LiveUpdate" GUI
and check for the updates.

Edit: Once I finish the AKReal 8.6 update I will start unifying and making an AKReal 8.6 full install. But I am delaying the update just because of some things I would like to have and that I've asked for:

- A new booting voice Edit: Four more booting sounds with voice! (same booting sounds but different voice).
- A better WBStartup++ program
- A better Skin for AmigaAMP Edit: Got it! A new one but also with a lot of versions.

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