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Ok so after much Scratching of head...finally cracked it

so for the record to put Picasso96 on Amikit just to get you up and running on a basic setup:

1. Run S-Sequence, and add `Setpatch NOROMUPDATE Quiet` before the first Setpatch.
2. comment out `IF EXISTS C:CyberBugFIX` and C:CyberBugFIX` and `END IF`(3 lines are together)
3. Then go to Sys/Tools and run `Disable_CGX_Aga&Birdie`
4. Reboot
5. Install Picassco96, (just click proceed on each option)
6. Install latest SAGA driver 8h
7. Check in Prefs/screenmode to see that the saga modes are there.
8. Reboot
9. In Screenmode select a SAGA screen mode, I chose the 640x480 16bit, press test screen should go blank and output on HDMI, if your happy save the screen mode and save

10. Reboot ,Amikit now on HDMI

This will get you running on HDMI, I would then save the system off and any more fine tuning you try and mess up well you can go back to the basic setup !

thanks to Jack & Retrofan for their help much appreciated

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