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Originally Posted by huepper View Post

Nice work!

It wouldt be nice, if someone can change some things in embeded uae or uae itself,
so that we can have ECS or AGA or other things?
With faster CPU/Memory/Buses, it'd be interesting to see what the affect adding chipset emulation in to Amithlon would do. It's speed advantage has been not having to emulate the chips and use framebuffer RTG displays/AHI audio. You can always install E-UAE for Amiga and run OCS/ECS/AGA there.

My old config (AMD X2 3800+) ran Sysinfo at 105.69 times faster than Amiga A4000/040

This system ran E-UAE about as fast as an A600 (but I was trying to configure A4000-ish system with RTG, etc..).

I need to get E-UAE setup on my new system (Intel E8600 @ 4.0 Ghz) which running sysinfo reports a speed of 234 times an A4000/040, so significantly faster than my older setup.
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