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Off topic slightly from the current conversation, but still related to the excellent work of the CD32 port guys, i have compiled a list of CDTV titles that run and don't run on the CD32, obviously the ones that work we don't need to worry about, but would it be possible to add the file to these games and rebuild the ISO to get the remaining non compatible CDTV games working (just bootable for now, before any keypad, save issues etc)

works ------------------ 29
Air Warrior - keyboard required
Battle Chess (CDTV) - needs mouse
Casino Games
Classic Board Games - needs mouse
Cover Girl Strip Poker - needs mouse
Defender of the Crown
Defender of the Crown II - dual CDTV/CD32 release.
ESS Mega
Fantastic Voyage
Global Chaos
Guy Spy
North Polar Expedition
Pinocchio - dual CDTV/CD32 release.
Psycho killer - mouse required
Raffles - keyboard required for keypad functions
Sherlock Holmes - Consulting Detective
Snoopy case of the missing blanket - keyboard required for full movement.
Space Wars
Super Games Pak
Team Yankee
The Hound Of The Baskervilles - needs mouse
Tie Break
Town With No Name
Ultimate Basketball
Wrath of the Demon
Xenon 2

doesnt work ----------------------- 22
Case of the Cautious Condor
Chaos in Andromeda - Eyes of the Eagle
Cubulus & Magic Serpent
Holiday Maker
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Lettrix & Shiftrix
Mind Run
Murder Makes Strange Deadfellows
Power Pinball
Prey - CD32 had reworked port.
Sim City
Spirit of Excalibur
Stadt der Loewen
Strip Poker Live
The Curse Of RA
Trivial Pursuit - CD32 had reworked port.
Turrican II
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