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It would be nice if Emerald Mine II instructions were available online. If I ever find my original (German) instruction sheet I'll scan it. Without reading the instructions it's not obvious that you need to make a game disk first...
  • Format a blank disk and name it Playfielddisk.
  • Boot Emerald Mine II to Workbench and open the disk's icon.
  • If you have more than one floppy drive configured run Set 2 Drives to make things quicker.
  • Click Make Game Disk. That creates his and pla directories, and the nam file on Playfielddisk:. That will take a long time and many disk swaps if you only have one drive.
  • Put the Emerald Mine II disk back in DF0: and click the Play icon. The machine will reset and the Emerald Mine II game will load.
  • At the title screen music press fire. The game will finish loading and once the protection check has completed the screen will turn red.
  • Now eject the Emerald Mine II disk and put your (write-enabled) just-created playfield disk in DF0:. Press fire.
For convenience I created a playfield disk and the ADF is attached here.

For easier future play, you can take an Emerald Mine I disk and replace the his, pla and nam on that with the ones from your playfield disk.
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